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There must be something in the air around 53rd Street, because ever since the library became

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Places to stay: Laragh on Hogsback | TazzDiscovers

hogsback, eastern cape, things to do, laragh on hogsback, accommodation, review, places to stay, The Edge, 39 steps waterfall, labyrinth, south africa, travel, photography, road tripThe common thread in any post about Hogsback, is how magical it is. As you drive the winding, tree lined road towards this small town, you feel like gnomes and fairies will pop out around the next corner to say, “Welcome to Hogsback!”

The town is quite small but very busy. There is no end to the number of things you can do just by walking down the Main Road. From eateries to places dedicated to fairies and gnomes, it is a great place to explore on foot with your family.

Walk down the Main Road at

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Dyslexia in the Classroom

University of Michigan’s Dyslexia Help. While dyslexia can affect people of all ages, it’s particularly impactful to young students.

High school students with dyslexia and related learning disabilities are more likely to fail or earn lower grades in courses than their peers, the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) reported in 2014. Students of all ages with dyslexia and other learning disabilities are also more likely to be held back a year, experience heightened disciplinary actions, or even struggle to graduate.

By addressing dyslexia and similar learning disabilities early on, parents and educators

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Get Book Creator for iPad

With Book Creator Free you can create your first book for free, then create unlimited books with an in-app upgrade.

The free version has all the same features as the paid version, so you can try before you buy!

Volume purchase for schools

Book Creator is also available at a discount for schools under Apple’s Volume Purchase Program.

If you need to know more, check out our Book Creator for Education page.

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Description: Apps which change photos into art-like creation which use filters are easy to find. This astounding app uses artificial intelligent which makes choices adapt how to adapt the image to produce amazing results. There are currently over 30 styles to choose from… the AI allows you to do that bit!

Apple App:
Android App:
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Free Technology for Teachers: My Favorite Search Strategies

This morning during the Practical Ed Tech Chromebook Camp I shared some of my favorite strategies and ideas for helping students improve their online research skills. The slides that I used today were an updated version of slides that I have previously shared here on Free Technology for Teachers. The latest version is of the slides is embedded below.

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Free Technology for Teachers: Google Apps Terminology

Earlier this week I received an email from someone who was looking for clarification on the differences between Google Apps for Education, Google Drive, and Google Docs. That request for clarification isn’t uncommon. Here’s how I typically try to explain the differences between Google Apps for Education, Google Drive,  and Google Docs.

Google Apps for Education:
Google Apps for Education (commonly referred to as GAFE) is a free service that Google provides to schools. Within Google Apps for Education students, teachers, administrators, and support staff can use Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Calendar, Gmail, and many other Google products. Google Classroom is only available to GAFE users. It provides a mechanism for teachers to distribute to and collect assignments from students.

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Free Technology for Teachers: ImageCodr Helps You Create Correct Image Citations

Creative Commons licensing makes many photos available for re-use that we otherwise could not use. The trouble is properly citing Creative Commons licensed works can sometimes be a confusing, multistep process. ImageCodr aims to make that process easier.

ImageCodr generates properly formatted Creative Commons attributions for images that you find on Flickr. Once you’ve found a Flickr image that you want to use just paste its URL into the ImageCodr code generator to get a properly formatted image code with Creative Commons attribution.

Great Dane by Life Lenses, on Flickr
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