Hippani Animator

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Description: A great HTML5 animation suite with a professional feel. The platform uses a similar interface to Adobe Animator. Learn how to animate with tweening. The free starter version should be all schools and educators need.

Website: hippani.com
Category: Video, Animation, Film Webcams  Animation

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Draw and Tell

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Description: Create videos of drawings animations with narration on iOS devices. Record audio as pupils move elements of the picture on the screen and then share the videos.

Apple App: itunes.apple.com/us/app/draw-tell-by-duck-duck-moose/id504750621?mt=8uo=4at=11lt9Z
Category: Art, Craft Design  Drawing, Painting Designing Applications
Category: Video, Animation, Film Webcams  Animation
Category: Video, Animation, Film Webcams  Video Editing Sharing

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Two Contrasting Views of Educational Technology by @nikpeachey

I’d like to share a couple of videos with you that I have used recently in the courses I teach. I find these videos particularly interesting because they show such contrasting approaches to learning and in particular – for want of a better word – e-learning.

This is a re-blog post originally posted by Nik Peachey and published with kind permission.

The original post can be found here.

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This first one is from the early 1950’s and is about something called a ‘teaching machine’ which was created by behavioural psychologist B F Skinner.

As you see Skinner’s

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Thomas Walser on Twitter: "When your kids buy you the shoes you’ve wanted since you were 12! I love my AVID kids so much! S/O @Augustine__09 https://t.co/yXPHXbhzMI"

@CoachWalser @Augustine__09 Coach thank you for being a great teacher. Wishing u prosperity, joy, vitality, laughter love.

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Imagination Foundation – Global Cardboard Challenge

Watch“Caine’s Arcade” to get inspired, then build something awesome out of cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. Do it anywhere – schools, backyards, parking lots, libraries – just make sure there’s lots of room for creativity!

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Enable "Hey Siri" Command In macOS Sierra For Hands-Free Use, Here’s How | Redmond Pie

Here’s how you can enable and use “Hey Siri” voice command in macOS Sierra running on your Mac completely hands-free.

Apple’s macOS Sierra is finally upon us, and with it comes the highly anticipated integration of Siri. Having Siri integrated into macOS means that MacBook and iMac owners can finally use voice commands to perform common tasks, similar to how most of us already do on Apple’s iPhone and iPad.


Setting up the “Hey Siri” command on iOS – which basically lets Siri get called into play entirely hands-free – is as easy as ticking a box and running through a voice recognition wizard via the Siri settings. The same functionality is available on macOS

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Beaches At Risk

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Description: A superb collection of coastal erosion other resources from the University of Sussex.

Website: sussex.ac.uk/geography/researchprojects/BAR/worksheets.html
Category: PSHE, RE, Citizenship, Geography Environmental  Geography, Maps Geocaching

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[4061] Top Tips, Tools and Techiques for Easy Formative Assessment

Vicki Davis with Tony Vincent

Today, Tony Vincent joins us to share his best practices and tools to make formative assessment easy and fun.

Follow: @coolcatteacher  @tonyvincent     @bamradionetwork  

#edtechchat #edchat #edtech

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Facebook’s Censorship Of Napalm Girl Is History Repeating 09/16/2016

She’s known as the “Napalm Girl,” and she appears in a photograph called “The Terror of War,” taken by Nick Ut. In it, she is young, naked and clearly terrified.

Ut won
the Pulitzer Prize for the photo in 1973, which is credited with
turning the tide of public opinion and leading to the end of the Vietnam War.

This picture — this image of unfathomably vast historical importance, of undeniably significant social commentary
— was removed from Facebook last week, when the social network’s algorithms detected the nudity and deleted it from the account of the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, which had posted
the image.

Understandably, people were upset. Half the ministers in the Norwegian parliament reposted the picture, including Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Facebook then deleted the post fromRead More: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/284863/facebooks-censorship-of-napalm-girl-is-history-re.html?utm_content=buffer24b74&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer Category: Links of interest

macOS Sierra: How to Unlock Your Mac With Your Apple Watch

macOS Sierra makes it easier for Apple Watch owners to unlock their Macs with a new “Auto Unlock” feature that lets the Apple Watch be used for authentication purposes instead of a traditional password.

It’s a feature that’s limited to more recent Macs so it’s not going to work on every machine that can run Sierra, but when it is available, Auto Unlock is a super useful feature that genuinely saves a bit of time. It isn’t enabled by default, so there are a few steps to go through to turn Auto Unlock on. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Navigate to the Apple logo on the upper left hand of the screen and select “System Preferences.”
  2. Click on “Security Privacy” from the first row of apps.
  3. Auto Unlock is an option under

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