Vicki Davis on Twitter: "I order these awesome bound square ruled books to take notes in every day. Bookfactory


@coolcatteacher Where can I get a copy?

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BrightBytes Finishes First in Global Edtech Startups Awards | EdSurge News

ALL AROUND THE WORLD: 360 companies across the globe applied for the inaugural Global Edtech Startups Awards, a multi-round competition organized by six incubators that span four continents. North America swept the finals, which took place Sept. 15 in Tel Aviv. Taking the top spot is BrightBytes, the San Francisco-based developer of a data analysis and planning platform for schools. Canadian company, SpongeLab, a science education platform took second place; EdPuzzle, a video editing tool for teacher, rounded out the podium. India’s NittioLearn, a learning apps creation tool, won crowd favorite.

The three winners get a free ticket to participate in the six incubators that put on the competition: MindCET (Israel), EdTech Incubator (London), P.A.U. Education (Barcelona), Open Education Challenge (European Union), Inncubated (Bogota)

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Get to know iOS 8: Customize your Notification Center with handy new widgets | Macworld

Among iOS 8’s many new features are some cool ways to let you interact with your apps without actually having to open them. Interactive notifications are one example, and another is the brand-new widgets available in Notification Center. Apple is a little late to this game—Android has had widgets for years, and users can put them right on their home screens—but at least what we have is both elegant and functional.

Getting started takes a little bit of setup, but once you have it down you will be relying less on the grid of icons and swiping right into your favorite widget for quickly accessing what you need. Even though iOS 8 has only been out a few days there are already several great widgets, so be sure to

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Five-Minute Film Festival: Parent-Teacher Partnerships | Edutopia

It’s all too easy for parents and teachers to be portrayed as being in opposition. Parents can sometimes get involved in ways that aren’t productive, and it’s unfortunate when beleaguered teachers begin to think of parents as the enemy. But there are wonderful stories out there of educators and families becoming true partners to improve the educational experience for everyone. I’ve gathered a collection of videos with examples of the many ways schools can build these powerful partnerships. These give actionable tips for both parents and teachers about how best to work together — a topic which I know is of perpetual interest to everyone involved in education.

Video Playlist: Building Teacher-Parent Relationships

Keep watching the player below to see the rest of the playlist, or view it on YouTube.


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Student Handouts |  Free K-12 Educational Materials for Teachers and Students

Country Capitals Mastermind Game – Designed for two players or two teams, this fun interactive game works like Jeopardy; for grades 4 and up.

World Landmarks Poster Project – Complete rubric, along with a list of world landmarks; for grades 4-8.

Primary Social Studies – We are organizing (slowly but surely) our Social Studies worksheets for grades K-3 on a single page. Check it out!

Thirteen Colonies Map Worksheet – Designed for primary students (grades K-3), this self-contained worksheet asks students to identify and color the Northern Colonies, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies.

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives Playtime Quiz Game – Students compete in teams or pairs to select the

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The Blog

Choose2Matter is proud and excited to announce that it will once again have the honor of selecting a worthy student to receive the Bammy Award for Student Initiative at the Third Annual Bammy Awards this fall.

The student chosen will be recognized at the black-tie, red-carpet Bammy Awards event in Washington DC on September 27, 2014. Choose2Matter will assist the award recipient with fundraising efforts to pay travel expenses.

Choose2Matter intends to select a student with the fortitude to take courageous action to create social change, for good. We invite all educators to nominate an individual student who exemplifies the habitudes of a social entrepreneur:

  • Relentless passion
  • Fierce devotion to a cause
  • Courage and fortitude
  • Visionary innovation

The Student Initiative Bammy Award will be presented to a student who has joined the

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Vicki Davis on Twitter: "Friends are that rare breed who asks you how you’re doing and actually waits to hear the answer."

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Vicki Davis on Twitter: "Make our schools and homes places of encouragement. Lift others up. You may just rise encouraged!"


@coolcatteacher “I am strong when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up to more than I can be.”

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How to Search Google Basics

Learn the basics of searching Google using search engine math. Learn the basics of Google image search and why spelling correctly is so important.

Essential Questions

What is the ominibox?
What do quotes do?
Why do you add + and – to search results?
How do you search images safely?
How do you determine the license of images and whether you can use them?
How do you find the resolution of images?
How do you copy an image to get the best quality and paste it into a document?
Why do you need to spell correctly in a search engine?
BONUS FUN: What is a Google Easter Egg?

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Digital Learning Is Just Different

Digital Learning Is Just Different

by Terry Heick

This article has been updated and republished from an earlier 2013 post.

Digital learning is different than non-digital learning from the moment an experience starts.

That’s not to say it’s better or worse–just different.

1. Constant Connectivity Access

The reasons here vary depending on the kind of digital learning being framed, but a big part of it starts with the connectivity.

Most digital learning experiences occur on devices connected to the internet. That connection established an instant interdependence with literally billions of web pages, social media streams, videos, images, and not-quite-archives suspended in the digital ether.

That potential is impossible to ignore–not just a distraction, but an elephant in every single university, flipped classroom, and elementary school media lab

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