How to Help Children Experience Nature and Growing Plants Outdoors without a Garden

You might worry that you’re depriving your children of important experiences if you’re unable to have a garden … or just aren’t interested in gardening. While having a garden can give children wonderful experiences, there are other ways to help children have many great gardening experiences and a love of nature.



You can do a lot to prevent nature-deficit disorder and give many experiences in nature almost anywhere. (This post is a combination of Throwback Thursday and 2016 … how my family has experienced gardening and nature without ever having a garden.)

My family has often lived in places where we couldn’t have a garden. We didn’t live in an apartment, but

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The Magic of Reading — That Odd Mom

Jessica S. Parmer

The Homeschool Mom, Social Media Addict, and Occasional Nut Job behind | Marketing Enthusiast #NoKidHungry Supporter | Find me at @thatoddmom

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Approaching the New Year With a No Grades Classroom – Work in Progress


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Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.01.32 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.01.32 PM.pngYou’ve done the research. You may have even tried it out in one of your classes for a unit or more. You’ve reflected and realized that it isn’t just shifting practice, it’s a whole philosophical shift that you’re ready to make because you know it will benefit kids.

Now it’s time to start a new year fresh without grades or at least some version of a standards based classroom that strays from traditional beliefs about how grades communicate learning and

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Do You Want to Hack Homework This Year? – Work in Progress


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HackingHomework.jpg-jpgHackingHomework.jpg-jpgThe way we handle homework has a lot to do with our philosophy of learning. And although it may be impossible to get rid of homework all of the time for all grades, the way we approach it can definitely be adjusted.

Connie Hamilton and I recently put a lot of thought into how we can start changing homework for all students K-12 and help teachers make learning more meaningful within the school day. Considering the challenges most families experience with over-planning after school activities

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Vicki Davis on Twitter: "3 Ways Classroom Design Impacts Student Learning"

3 Ways Classroom Design Impacts Student Learning

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3 Ways Classroom Design Impacts Student Learning @coolcatteacher

Named as the #4 Influencer in Education Technology on Onalytica’s list of education influencers.

Hello! I’m Vicki Davis, a classroom teacher with 14 years of experience teaching high school. I have 18 years of experience teaching teachers how to use technology in the classroom.

I started this blog in 2005 so I could teach my students how to blog too. I’ve been podcasting since 2013 with the Every Classroom Matters show, on BAM Radio.

I won ISTE’s online learning award in 2006 for my first global collaborative project, the Flat Classroom Project, and have led more than 20 global projects for students since then. In 2014, I won the BAMMY Award for Best Talk Show Host in Education.

I’ve written two technology guidebooks for teachers: Reinventing Writing

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Vicki Davis on Twitter: "Why You Shouldn’t Babysit Kids with Tablets! (And What to Do Instead)"

Why You Shouldn’t Babysit Kids with Tablets! (And What to Do Instead)

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Why You Shouldn’t Babysit Kids with Tablets! Do this instead.

You’ve seen it. Young children engrossed in tablet devices. But how much is too much? Today’s expert, Diane Levin, gives technology guidance to the parents and teachers of young children.

Don't babysit kids with tablets (1)

Check out Tiggly

Parents and teachers need to interact with students. Kids need the real world. Hands-on manipulatives help them learn, as well. Today’s guest helps us with balancing the physical world and the virtual tablet-based world many young children inhabit.

Hands on Manipulatives and iPad Games with Today’s Sponsor, Tiggly

Show Notes about Kids and Tablets:

Spotify launches a new Kids category with a focus on learning activities, language development | TechCrunch

Spotify this morning is announcing a change to its service designed to appeal to families with small children: it’s relaunching the app’s Kids category to include new playlists focused on vocabulary and language-development activities, as well as voiceover prompts in between songs that encourage parents to interact with their children while listening to music together.

The company notes that music, including singing with children from birth onwards, can help to promote early brain and language development, especially among ages 0 to 3. With this in mind, Spotify has relaunched its “Kids and Family” section to focus in particular on this age group.

The new Kids playlists are designed around everyday activities, like bedtime, bath time, or traveling in the car, for example. But what

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12 ways to use Google Cardboard in your class | Ditch That Textbook


Google Cardboard delivers vivid real and imaginary experiences in full 3D. See how you can get AND implement Google Cardboard in your classroom. (Wikipedia / othree / CC BY 2.0)

Virtual reality used to be the thing of science fiction books and movies. Now, it’s inexpensive, works with the technology we carry in our pockets, and can transform us to real and imaginary places.

I remember watching Marty McFly sit at his table in “Back to the Future Part 2”, watching TV with virtual reality goggles. Among many future predictions in that movie, I thought, “How cool would that be?”

It’s here. And we can use it to bring spectacular experiences to our students.

Although many companies are

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