11 Essential EdTech Action Steps for Back to School

Technologies can transform; even simple technologies can make a significant impact. Here are eleven of the technologies that often affect classroom procedures and workflow. Use this checklist and infographic to make sure you’ve included the edtech essentials in your workflow this year.

11 essential edtech action steps for back to school

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1. Design Your Web Browser

Your start page and bookmark bar are strategic for both you and your students. Why waste it with standard Google Start Page?

Intentionally Select Your Start Page

Choose one of the four choices of start pages. Be intentional!

4 Choices for Start Pages:

How to Turn off Blue Light on Your iPhone/ Ipad at Night @coolcatteacher

Not sleeping? You might need to turn off blue light on your phone. This week, I was interviewing John Medina, author of Brain Rules, for a future episode of Every Classroom Matters. He made the offhand comment, “blue light wreaks havoc with your brain.” We’ve known this since 2006, This Psychology Today article can help explain why your teenager may be awake ALL NIGHT.

turn blue light off on your iPhone and iPad and protect your health

Thank goodness we can turn off blue light on Apple devices now. I recorded a quick video and am telling everyone I know to make sure they set their iPhones and iPads up this way — especially for kids. I turn

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Free Technology for Teachers: How to Place an Image-based Quiz in Your Blog

A couple of weeks ago I published a tutorial on how to create an image-based quiz on Formative. The image-based quizzes that you create in Formative can be embedded into your classroom blog where your students can then answer the questions in the quiz. In my video embedded below I demonstrate how to create the quiz, how to embed it into your blog, and I show you a student’s perspective of the quiz as embedded into a blog.

Applications for Education

I am a proponent of using classroom blogs as online hubs for digital activities like image-based quizzes. Putting the Formative quiz in your classroom blog means that you don’t have to try to direct all of your

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New Teachers: Are You Using Periscope? #ntchat » Teaching With Soul

Last year I began to use Periscope and I shared a post about that here. I have since been using it so much more. I’ve also been studying some big time scoper’s and want to see how often new and pre-service teachers are using it. Sadly, not many are.

After a year of working with Periscope, I’m challenging you to start sharing your classroom and your work using Periscope. This application, owned by Twitter, is providing educators a chance to share a window into their work and support others to connect to them in real-time. You can start by following me @teachwithsoul on Periscope.


It’s easy to log on and begin to view some great broadcasts. You’ll need to start by downloading the App

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A Getting Started Guide to Digital Citizenship Education @coolcatteacher

A one time assembly about digital citizenship is not enough. So, Susan Bearden believes digital citizenship should be reinforced daily with kids. In light of how much work we have to do in schools, this whole-school approach brings out so many questions! How do you bring everyone together to understand digital citizenship? What is the role of schools, parents, and faculty?  In today’s show, digital citizenship expert, Susan Bearden tackles these questions and more. Moreover, she helps us figure out where to start if we’re not already doing this in our school today.

Digital Citizenship Getting Started Guide

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Show Notes:

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Join the Unshakeable book club July 17-August 5th

When: July 17th-August 5th

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This is an online book club for my latest book, Unshakeable: 20 Ways to Enjoy Teaching Every Day…No Matter What. We’ll be exploring 20 ways to enjoy teaching every day, no matter what. It’s a great way to get yourself excited and motivated for the new school year, and connect with other teachers who want to love what they do even more.

Join the Unshakeable book club July 17-August 5th

The discussion is going to be casual and fun in a private Facebook group that makes it easy to check in each day to comment or post your own reflections and questions.

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5 Steps for a Successful STEAM Lab @coolcatteacher

Implementing a  STEAM Lab Program can be a challenge.  (STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.) Today’s guest, Alicia Roberts has navigated this process several times and gives us five steps to make it happen. If you’re ready to implement STEAM or if you’re doubtful, learn from someone who has successfully implemented STEAM.

5 steps for a successful STEAM lab

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Last year I judged a robotics competition for Wonder Workshop. I was amazed at the incredible things students could do with Dash and Dot. Wonder Workshop robots make a fantastic addition to any STEAM Lab. Their robotics clubs make

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All software is useless if we don’t invest in the greatest software in the world… the human brain. The software within our children is the most important software being created. We can’t program it. We can’t carve it. But what we put into their minds, determines the future for all of us. But what should that be?

future holders

1. How to Seek and Tell the Truth

Our future-holders should be savvy, skeptical citizens. They should be able to check out the truth. And be able to tell it.

For a citizenry hell-bent on lying to itself has no hope of creating a peaceful paradise.

In his book,  How Do You Kill 11 Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think, Andy Andrews concludes

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