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Twitter / coolcatteacher: Getting ready to go to …


@coolcatteacher @MTVact @CynthiaHass @MomStart @LittleTechGirl @RobynsWorld Looking forward to hearing what you all see/hear/think

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Twitter / coolcatteacher: Wow! Interviewed @imaginecup …


@coolcatteacher @imaginecup now that’s an app… Congrats…

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A Ray of Hope … from the past? | DownHouseSoftware


Exploring the universe with lego

Some good news from The New Yorker this week…

First, the (nearly) nonagenarian magazine is opening up a large part of its archives to non-subscribers. A look into this library can be found here.

Second, Andy Borowitz reports that once, this nation actually believed in science. That’s right, these United States supported and the advancement of science as a public good. We have to wind back the clock to a time not so long ago, when science had a convergence of basic and applied goals. The public was rallying behind a space race to the moon (we chose the moon as the finish line because it was the only time we were ahead), while

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Computer Science Teacher: One semi colon away from disaster

At a recent workshop Alexander Repenning said that sometimes teaching programming is “one semi colon away from disaster.” How true that is. Minor syntax issues, especially when dealing with beginners, can make a program look like a complete disaster.

Last school year I had more than a few students come close to panic when a compiler reported dozes, scores or even hundreds of errors. Typically adding a semi colon or a curly brace in the right place made most of the errors “go away.” The words “in the right place” are bold for a reason. At times is seems as though beginners start putting in semi colons or curly braces closely to random locations in hopes of making the errors go away. Sometimes the syntax errors go away

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Take in your environment – Writing Tips using Observation | Starr Sackstein, MJE, NBCT

Observation is a tool that allows the writer to employ his/her 5 senses to convey a message to the reader that engages through imagery.

Observation is a tool that allows the writer to employ his/her 5 senses to convey a message to the reader that engages through imagery.

Nose pickers. Seriously in thought. Masked by sunglasses. Rockers, air drumming or singing really loudly.

I like to watch people while they drive. I’m not a stalker or anything, I just really enjoy observing people while they don’t realize anyone is watching. They are the most authentic moments to capture, free of self-consciousness, no judgement.

Constructing full stories

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Simmer Down Sassypants! Blanket Statements Are Rarely Social!Go Creative Go

Simmer Down Sassypants! Blanket Statements Are Rarely Social!

Blanket statements are a lot like cliches, they’re generally grounded in something true and real, but are often taken to such extremes they are rendered almost meaningless.

Blanket statements are most often peppered with words like “never” and “always,” two terms most marketers have realized can create clicks and draw eyes, especially when used in article titles and short social media posts.

One of Merriam-Webster’s definitions for “blanket” as an adjective is, effective or applicable in all instances. This is a very broad definition in general, but consider it applied to social media and digital marketing.

Very little about social media marketing can be described as “effective in

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Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom: Making Curation Easier With @IFTTT

Various Dates In 2014-Featured Webinar Presenter, Simple K12 Teacher Learning Community, Online

January 28-31, 2014- Featured Presenter, FETC, Orlando, Florida

March 6-8, 2014- Presenter, North Carolina Technology In Education Society Annual Conference, Raleigh, NC

March 16-18, 2014- Presenter and 2012-2014 Emerging Leader, ASCD Annual Conference, Los Angles, CA

June 23-26, 2014-Session Speaker and Workshop Presenter, International Society for Technology in Education Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA

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Searching for the New in an Empty Nest | Empty House, Full Mind

This is the first year I will not have any children starting school since 1992.

The memory of dropping off my daughter for her first day of pre-school, my 3 month old baby boy in my arms, is so vivid. Everything in my life was brand new – my children, my home, my marriage, my minivan, my friends. There was so much to wonder about and plan for the future.

Raising children was filled with new experiences, opening doors for both my children and me. Each new teacher, new friend, new team, new skill, new interest – the ever-evolving lives of my growing children kept me constantly changing my focus and adapting to new expectations. The sense of anticipation at the beginning of the school year was always the most exciting for us - the teachers and classmates,

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Teachers as Technology Trailblazers: Scatterplot Brainstorm

Let’s face it; all ideas are NOT created equal.

Choosing what we will NOT do is just as important as choosing what we will do.

Therefore, after the dust settles from a furious group-brainstorm, it’s absolutely necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff. (That’s a Pennsylvania-way of saying that a bit of filtering has to happen!)

However, deciding which ideas “make the cut” can be tricky and team members’ feelings are often involved. No one wants to see that their idea was not selected. No one ESPECIALLY wants to feel like they had a “bad” idea.

Often, choosing ideas can leave a negative vibe in the room. If done very poorly, it can even inhibit future brainstorming sessions.

But don’t despair! By using specific protocols that emphasize analysis, you can arrive at meaningful decisions

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