Vicki Davis on Twitter: Enjoying one of my favorite groups @veritasfive tonight

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Vicki Davis on Twitter: How Changing Your Body Can Change Your Mind via @scienceofus

Aug 24

@coolcatteacher @scienceofus How about puppetry? I am writing a unit using it and I bet uses the same section of the brain,.

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Quote by Greg McKeown: “I have since gathered data from more than five …”

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Reposted from the Blog of Mark Barnes, Brilliant or Insane: Education and other intriguing topics.

via: any of the thousands of teachers who regularly use Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook about connected education, and you may get an earful about using digital tools as a means to connect with educators and students worldwide.

But if you ask teachers who have never used a social network, blog, or mobile device for learning in their classrooms to discuss connected education, you are likely to be met with blank stares, furrowed eyebrows and shrugged shoulders.

Enter Corwin Press and the Connected Educators Series.


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Berg’s Eye View » Blog Archive » Gratefulness Leads to Great Fullness

This past week the floods came.  My boys and I were at their swim lessons when my wife called to tell me that we should hit the road (or what was left of it) as soon as possible, and that she was worried about the difficulty we were likely to experience in getting home; she texted a picture of the water rising in front of our house.  I wasn’t concerned yet.  My boys love to play in muddy puddles.  Our collective thought was that the muddy puddles were abundant, which was exciting.  I soon realized that these were not the types of muddy puddles that were for playing in.  As we drove on, my excitement diminished.

From the back of the car I could hear the boys shouting, “This is

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Free App: Random Acts of Kindness

Post image for Free App: Random Acts of Kindness

With kids starting school, many of us are busy getting kids ready for the new school year: school supplies, academic readiness, … One very important aspect of school life is the peer interactions. This involves social and emotional skills. We have shared our top picks of 10 apps helping kids develop social and emotional skills and today I want to share another app Random Acts of Kindness.

Why Random Acts of Kindness? Because I believe it is the core of many social and emotional skills. Once you have a kind heart and willing and ready

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Ninja Reflections on Education: The Day @AngelaMaiers helped @NavasotaISD and @NavasotaInt, Be Brave

Before writing this post I really had to sit back and digest what took place yesterday.

Angela started the day by giving her keynote.  She called it “Be Brave”.  And what a challenge that was!  The message was just the message I needed to hear, my team needed to hear, and my district needed to hear. A few of my favorite moments from the talk were….

An @ASCD review…Learning in the Fast Lane #ASCD

114026bIn a book that promises to lay out a plan that helps teachers close gaps in small group instruction, I found myself hoping that Ms, Rollins could do just that, knowing that my focus this school year would be p instructional strategies that truly makes a difference.  “Learning in the Fast Lane: 8 Ways to Put All Students on the Road to Academic Success” may be my action plan to do just that.

Ms. Rollins discusses the notion that students who need remedial instruction are typically working on skills that close the “gaps” from previous years, vs focusing in on skills concepts that could help them be successful in class that day.



“Rather than build students academic futures, remediation pounds away at

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How Changing Your Body Can Change Your Mind — Science of Us

A burgeoning research area in psychology is the idea of embodied cognition — that is, not only does your brain tell your body what to do, but it works the other way around, too. In other words, the position of your body can influence your thoughts. Your yoga teacher might call it the mind-body connection; a pair of U.K. researchers, on the other hand, recently described it in the journal Frontiers as “the surprisingly radical hypothesis that the brain is not the sole cognitive resource we have available to us to solve problems.”

Here’s a roundup of a few recent findings. (Oh, and a hat tip to the wonderful site PsyBlog for unearthing some of these first!)

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Surprise & Delight on the First Day of School | This is Where MY Sidewalk Ends…

Jim is the principal and Lead Dreamer at Stephens Elementary School in Boone County, KY. He is a former music teacher and frequent Magic Bean Buyer. Jim promotes developing students’ 21st century skills through engaging project based learning in an arts integrated framework. He is often heard telling students, “Go Make Stuff!” He is pursuing an EdD with interests in parent engagement and effective teacher dispositions. Jim is most happy when he is with his beautiful wife and two children lost in Orte, Italy. He is a 2014 Bammy Award Nominee and a 2014 Kentucky PTA Outstanding Educator. Jim is the Co-host of “Coloring Outside the Lines” on the BAM Radio Network PULSE and a member of the moderator team for #PTchat Wednesday nights at 9 pm

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